Underground Construction

With projects covering the western United States, FBUC has been successful in delivering all different types of underground construction projects. Big and small projects are always completed on time, safe, and with minimal reclamation cleanup needed. We hold safety at the top of our success and are always continuing and updating our training while maintaining and following the most recent standards with the best work practices available in the industry.

FBUC offers underground services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Directional Drilling
  • Hydrovacing
  • Open Trench
  • Rock Saw Trenching
  • Trench Box Trenching
  • Trench Plowing
  • Vault and Man Hole Installation

Working Together To Build Things That Matter.



Number of crews working hard to safely execute FBUC clients' projects.


+Safety Courses

Number of safety courses each FBUC crew member is certified in.



Number of projects FBUC has successfully completed so far.


Tailboard Meetings

Number of Tailboard meetings held by all crews collectively on a weekly basis.

“Thank you!”

I have worked for FBUC for three years now, and I hope to continue with this company for a long time… thank you!

Ulyces Vazques, Foreman