We Believe in Protecting the Environment

FBUC has a strong commitment to maintaining the environment and sustaining our natural habitats—including the wildlife and nature that live among and within our work sites.

Every job or project is approached with care and consideration for the environments in which we conduct our services. We operate according to strict standards and guidelines that dictate environmental management and best practices; these practices are enforced by our HSE team across the Forbes Bros. Group of Companies.

From the time we are awarded a bid or hired for a job, keeping the natural environment as safe as possible and free from human harm is our priority.

Working Together To Build Things That Matter.



Number of crews working for FBUC.


Pieces of Equipment

Number of specialized pieces of construction equipment that FBUC owns outright for their services.



Number of projects completed in FBUC’s short history - including civil construction, line clearance, hydrovacing, substations and EV charging stations.


+Safety Courses

Number of safety courses each crew member is required to successfully complete.

“FBUC is committed to ensuring that all environmental procedures are followed when they are doing a job.”

FBUC makes sure that any worksite that they are on is always clean and tidy. They have spill kits, fire extinguishers, waster packs, and shovels to use if they have a spill to reduce any impact to the environment.

Jennifer MacDougall - Safety Specialist