Safety Is At The Forefront of What We Do

At FBUC, we take pride in our ongoing commitment to upholding the strictest health and safety standards across all operations. In alignment with Forbes Bros.’ core values of “We Work Safe” and “We Are Family,” it is a top priority that at the end of each workday our staff and crews make it home to their loved ones safely and with their health and wellbeing intact.

Our commitment to health and safety is portrayed clearly through FBUC’s most valuable asset: our people. FBUC’s greatest resource is our workers and the aptitude and dedication that all our employees bring to the table with every job and project.

Each of FBUC’s field/operations workers are required to complete and update training courses in many areas. We continue to evolve our safety protocols, policies, and procedures to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the services we provide and the clients we provide them to. As a Forbes Bros. company, FBUC maintains our unwavering commitment to health and safety by staying up to date with the latest safety training and guidelines for workers and crews in the utility and civil construction sectors.

Working Together To Build Things That Matter.



Number crews working for FBUC, including one dedicated solely to EV charging stations.


+Safety Courses

Number of safety courses each FBUC worker is required to successfully complete.



Number of projects completed in FBUC's short time as a company.


Tailboard Meetings

Number of Tailboard meetings held by all crews collectively on a weekly basis.

“FBUC is committed to a safe and healthy work place.”

They strive to have the work completed on time and with zero incidents. They take pride in the work that they do and are an amazing team.

Jennifer MacDougall - Safety Specialist

“The FBUC team takes safety, quality and production (SQP) to the forefront of all their activities.”

The team is highly trained and specializes in what they do. Team members are empowered to use Stop Work Authority ( SWA) and the obligation to use it. I am proud to be their safety manager.

Bob O'Neill - Director, Safety