About Us

Forbes Bros. Utility Construction (FBUC), formerly 307 Power, was established in 2016.  307 Power came from an interest and desire to pursue civil construction jobs alongside independent substation contracting. The company established itself as a non-union substation contractor for clients, primarily in Colorado at that time.

In 2018, Forbes Bros. Group of Companies acquired 307 Power and it was re-branded, respectively, to Forbes Bros. Utility Construction (FBUC). Their dedication to safety, top-tier training, working hard and delivering quality solutions aligns with the  core values of Forbes Bros. So, it only made sense for 307 Power to join the FB group. As with any Forbes Bros. company, FBUC continued to grow and expand our service lines to suit the needs of more clients. Shortly after the acquisition, underground boring and hydrovacing were added to our roster of specialized services. FBUC saw another significant expansion in taking on renewables and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

Working Together To Build Things That Matter.



Number of clients FBUC has successfully completed jobs for.



Number of U.S. states FBUC has completed projects in so far.



Number of projects completed in FBUC's short history - including civil construction, substations, EV charging stations and line clearance.


Owned Equipment

Number of specialized pieces of construction equipment that FBUC owns outright for their services.

“The best part of any day is when they share pictures and updates of their growing families with me.”

Over the past 12 years, I have enjoyed watching our young line crew go from inexperienced groundsmen to red seal powerline technicians. Watching them grow into fine, respectable young men with families of their own has been a pleasure. The best part of any day is when they share pictures and updates of their growing families with me.

Karyn Laing - Office Administrator